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So! As per Ray, who is the founder of the painting services Company, Painting On Time Brisbane, to stand out and be noticed and not just that to survive tough competition in the industry, the business needs to have some key qualities or should be a value-add for any services offered. And in that, Ray feels that Painting On Time Brisbane as a business and a service has in essence left a lasting impression on all clients for whom we have done work.

It is just that, these days, it is hard to identify and distinguish between the experienced and the fly by nights. Because there are so many players in the market that people who have no backing or experience are also in the field and trying to usurp business of genuine companies. And it is only after people witness their work that they realise that they have been taken for a ride and the painting job is messy and incomplete.

So if you are looking for complete, dependable cleaning services, then Painting On Time Brisbane is who you turn to and as per our tagline, and our company name too, "Tradesman that actually turn up on time" we see to that we come on time and deliver on time too.

If you want to know more about the painting services, Painting On Time Brisbane offers, feel free to email us on paintingontimebrisbane@gmail.com or call us on Ray : 0432514563


Tradesman that actually turn up on time

Interior, Exterior, Roof, Commercial painting services

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Ray Scott has close to 40 years of experience in this industry

Painting Services

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